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Kaolin Techniques Pvt Ltd


We provide a wide range of kaolin (china clay) products such as coating grade china clay, calcined china clay, china clay lumps, china clay filler grade, clay powder, clay lumps, calcined clay powder, coated china clay etc. Our entire range is widely acclaimed in a number of industries such as duplex paper board, paint, rubber, pesticides, polymer and many others. We offer free samples of our array up to 1 kg to our clients. Our team of quality experts ensure that all our products are thoroughly inspected right from the procurement of raw materials to the delivery of the products to the clients and meet the international standards of quality. We have our own laboratory installed in the manufacturing plant to conduct the different tests.

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Participate as exhibitor in European coating show, Jakarta.
Participate as exhibitor in European coating show, Jakarta.
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Coating Grade Clay Lumps
Coating Grade Clay Lumps INR 0 INR 0 We are involved in offering a wide range of Coating Grade Clay Lumps to our most valued clients. Our range of Coating Grade Clay Lumps is widely appreciated by our clients which are situated all round the nation. We offer our range of Coating Grade Clay Lumps at most affordable prices. True 1486356774
Calcined China Clay
Calcined China Clay INR 0 INR 0 We offer our clients calcined china clays and calcined china clay, which are available in micronised powder form. These calcined china clays are used in various industries including paint, paper, rubber and PVC cable. The specifications of calcined china clay are as follows: Product Name Calcined China Clay Material In Form Micronised Powder Grade name Calcined Clay Application Paint, Paper And Rubber, PVC Cables Physical Parameter: - Powder Brightness (%) ISO:- 92 ± 1 Water Panel Color Shade On Glass Plate:- Pure White Bulk Density (Kg/ Lit):- 0.300 – 0.350 Ph (of 10 % solution):- 5 – 7 Retention on 400 # calibrated sieve:- 0.1% Max. Yellow Index:- 2 – 3 Oil Absorption (ml / 100gm) :- 55 – 65 Water Demand (ml / 100gm):- NA Flow Point (ml/ 100gm):- 80 – 100 Viscosity concentration on brookfield (at 100 RPM / spindal no. 3) :- N.A. Specific Gravity:- 2.5 – 2.7 Moisture Content (105°C / 1Hrs):- 0.5 % Max. Paper / Paint Drawn Down Appearance:- Best Dispersion Ability:- Very Good Hand Filling Smoothness:- Smooth % of TiO2 Replacement:- 15 % Min. Hiding / Covering Ability;- Very Good Particle Size Distribution (On Sedigraph - 5100) Average particles d(50)µ:- 0.8 - 1.2 µ % Above 10 µ:- 8 Max. % Below 2 µ:- 67 Min. % Below 1 µ:- 50 Min. Chemical Composition: - %SiO2:- 50 – 52 % Al2O3:- 42 – 44 % Fe2O3:- 0.5 % TiO2:- 0.5 % CaO:- 0.4 % MgO:- 0.3 % Na2O:- 0.2 % K2O:- 0.2 % L.O.I:- 0.5 True 1486357191
Hydrous China Clay
Hydrous China Clay INR 0 INR 0 We have an exclusive range of Hydrous China Clay offering to our clients. Hydrous china Clay (Washed China Clay) is used as extender and additives in the coatings. It is also used in plastic, rubber, wire, cable, paint and Ceramics industries True 1486357228
Coating Grade Clay Powder
Coating Grade Clay Powder INR 0 INR 0 We are the leading manufacturer & supplier of Calcined Clay Powder. This product is widely used in emulsion paints and also in paper coating for high inked. These products are produced using the latest technology and optimum quality of material. Features: Improves shock resistance High strength Unusually good forming Specifications: Type - Clay Powder Applications - Used in emulsion paints and also in paper coating Packaging - As per Client True 1486357302
Paint Clay
Paint Clay INR 0 INR 0 It is white soft plastic clay derived from the decomposition of granite or similar rock. Most kaolin is wet refined to produce a range of products to improve both physical and chemical properties to meet specific customer applications.Kaolin modified through very high (700-1,200ºC) temperatures. Calculations improve whiteness and change the chemistry, making the kaolin less hydrophilic and reducing electrical conductivity. It is a Number One replacement of TiO2 extender. During the calcination, morphological, mineralogical and chemical changes occur which result in products with excellent optical properties. Snow-White is used as an opacifying extender in water base paints as having excellent optical properties. And Snow Shine product improves the opacity and reduces the TiO2 level in emulsion paint. Features: Better holdout Uniform colour Rheology / Thixotropic control which provides body to the pain Low in impurity & strong in chemical inertia Easy to disperse in water & oil based structure Better barrier properties & corrosion resistance Improves and/or maintains product performance at competitive cost and extends higher cost pigments such as TiO2 Improved hiding power, reinforcement, tint retention and sheen control, as well as high brightness and weathering resistance Specifications: Type - Paint Clay Material - Decomposition of granite Applications - Paint component True 1486357890
Calcine China Clay
Calcine China Clay INR 0 INR 0 Calcine China Clay We are offering an extensive range of high-quality Calcined China Clay that is used for paints, rubber and soap industries. Features: Chemically inert Correctly formulated Enhanced shelf life Specifications: Type: Lump Colour: White Packaging - As per Client Applications- Paints, Rubber and Soap industries. True 1486358007
China Clay Lumps
China Clay Lumps INR 0 INR 0 We are offering an extensive range of china clay lumps. Our china clay lumps are available in various grade such as glossy clay 88L, glossy clay 90L and glossy clay 92L. These china clay lumps are made from the weathering or hydrothermal alteration of feldspathic rocks. True 1486357256
Meta Kaolin
Meta Kaolin INR 0 INR 0 We offer Meta kaolin which is generally obtained in the hydrate aluminum silicate (AI203 2Si02 2H2O) form and is formed by the alteration of Felspathic Rock. Some of the salient features of china clay offered by us include: Good plasticity Absence of swelling in water High temperature resistance Bad-conductor of heat & electricity Our product is widely used in the following industries: Ceramics PVC cables and master batches Paints & textile Paper Rubber Detergents and washing soap True 1486357824
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